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Here you can read all the feedback left for NZ Velvet Agility products.

"I have to say that Stripey is much improved since being on the Deer Velvet. I can hardly believe the difference it has made and he appears to be in no pain whatsoever even after having been for a big run and can climb the stairs with no problem. Can I please order another bottle."
Jenny Manson
Christchurch,New Zealand

"The Wylie veterinary Centre is a small animal hospital in Essex. We see a good number of patients suffering from degenerative joint disease either secondary to cruciate disease or other orthopaedic problems but also just due to obesity and wear and tear. We have a fully qualified physiotherapist who works from our practice with these patients as well as a travelling orthopaedic specialist surgeon. Our practice has been using deervelvet for the last 18 months as our primary chondroprotective agent with very encouraging results. The veterinary market has become flooded by chondroprotective agents in the last 5-10 years, but despite stiff competition this product has held it's own in the market. It is reasonably priced, easy to administer, well tolerated and seems to offer most patients relief from joint discomfort. A good number of my clients have enquired about the option of an equivalent human product when they have seen the benefits in their pet. Personally, I no longer use alternative chrondro protectives."
Angela Doyle
Essex,United Kingdom

"My 22 year old cat was suffering from arthritis and anemia. It was suggested that I give her 1 tabled of Agility for cats per day. Its amazing what has happened. She no longer has any visible symptoms of arthritis and along with a bone marrow inducing hormone my vet is giving her, in only 3 weeks her anemia has just about gone. This stuff is amazing. PS> the people version has cured the joint problems in my own knee."
Nina Ande4rson

"Our dog Spur has improved markedly with the Velvet Agility Advance treatment and we want to continue with it indefinitely."
Helen Kennedy
Waiau,New Zealand

"Digby (15yrs old) has perked up alot. In fact I can't stop him running around. Unfortunately he is still limping but it is not as pronounced. He seems to limp after sitting still or lying down for a while. Then he warms up and runs around. His eyes seem clearer. The last time I went to the vet he said that there was retina deterioration due to old age. I don't think its my imagination, but his eyes are less cloudy. Overall I am quite happy with the product and will reorder soon."
Vicki Calleja

"I am a dog owner with over 30 years of experience in dog training. I specialize in large breeds such as: German Shepherds, Boxers and Great Danes. All of my adult dogs receive Deer velvet antler as a part of their daily routine, whether to strengthen their immune systems as they grow old or to prevent HD deterioration in those who have it. Furthermore, my puppies - especially if they are large breed - receive Deer velvet antler Puppy as a food supplement to achieve better health and to ensure better bone growth. On top of that I can tell you all that this product is also very tasty and thatís why I can even use it as a treat during my trainings! I highly recommend Deer velvet antler to all my friends and clients as a way of keeping your dog healthy and vital!"
Tzvika Tauber

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